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Thank you to Janine Vangool, the publisher of the Uppercase magazine, for featuring my work in The Pattern Journal newsletter. This was great news for me! I liked her selection of my dark designs especially.

You can have a look at the newsletter here: The Pattern Journal January’24.

Janine talks in the newsletter about the challenges related to the start of the year, as an independent creator tackling many tasks related to running your own business… planning, time management, prioritizing, fighting overwhelm, and accomplishing your goals.

This is very relatable, I can only agree that planning is essential. The start of the year is a good time for me to do it. I need to think, step back, and reflect on what has been done and what I want to achieve.
It is easy to get distracted, enter the impulse reactive mode, or get busy and stressed without getting things done…
What is working for me, is to have a few important goals for the year set, and then plan the quarters > months > weeks > days accordingly, to be able to achieve them. It gets messy, the tasks are sliding and changing, of course. I don’t meet my goals fully and that’s ok, at least some part of those important things gets done.

One good tip for planning: have it all in one place, so you can never forget what you want to achieve. Your goals, the timing, your notes, all the info you collect in the process … I had papers all over before, I started to use Notion last year, and I found it very helpful. Everything is in one place, you can update it on the go, and you can structure your planning in layers easily.

Now let’s see what can be done this year…
This looks like a great start, let’s keep on working!

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