Hello & welcome!

I'm Dana, I design modern nature-inspired and abstract patterns, with rich colors and textures. Making patterns brings me joy, and I love to see when they come to life on products.
You will find a selection of my work here, you can browse through. Thanks for stopping by!

Hello & welcome!

Surface Pattern Design

I love creating patterns. Forms and colors, different styles … this exploration never stops for me. I love to see how you can dress a space with it and how it can give a new face to a product. I hope my bit of creativity can bring some joy and a creative spark to your lives…

beautiful & useful products

Contact me for licensing or a custom design. I would be more than happy to team my patterns with your products.

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Contact me with inquiries about my work, licensing my designs, or a custom design. Just send the message through the form below or send an e-mail and I’ll be in touch soon.

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