About me

Hi! I’m Dana, a designer from Slovakia, and a fan of all things creative.

My background is in design. I have been working with graphic and product design, as a freelance, in design agencies, and even as an in-house watch designer in Switzerland. I have an MA degree in product design from Umea Institute of Design, Sweden. After years of working in different European countries, I am currently based with my family in Czechia.

I have focused on pattern design lately and I can say I find lots of joy in it. It is truly my creative outlet, where I can work freely and follow my inspiration. I love to work with motifs taken from nature and also with abstract forms. I like to use bold colors, textures and experiment with different styles. My designs are based on hand sketches, very often done digitally, with added brush textures, and a lot of refinement for a nice repeat flow and a balanced color palette.

I am happy I can share a glimpse of my work with you. If you are interested in working with me, please do reach out, I would be delighted to discuss licensing opportunities or collaborations.

Thanks for your visit!


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