Faces – carpet design for RugVista


Super excited to get a special delivery this month from Sweden after patiently waiting for it.

I have received a carpet with my design ‘Faces’!

Time to celebrate … carpet ‘Faces’ is finally produced by RugVista, and this 1 piece is a part of my prize for winning the TOP 12 in the RugVista Design Competition 2021/2022.
There were 5500 design contributions from 80 different countries, and this design was selected by the jury and passed the people’s voting.

After seeing it in real I am so happy and grateful. It turned out perfect! The quality is stunning, made of wool and handtufted.
I am really pleased, especially with the color-matching work. There is a mix of cold and warm colors, not an easy task to get the balance, but the final result is above my expectations, wow.

I would like to thank the whole Rugvista team for making this happen, I am more than happy to see my design on the carpet!

Thank you to all the voters and supporters of my design in the competition, thanks to you it could be produced.

Special thank you and gratitude to the people manually working on these carpets, all respect for your hard work and amazing skills.

I really appreciate that now this design will live its life as a high-quality carpet. The inspiration behind it is women, simply… their beauty, diversity, strength, and capabilities.

I hope this carpet will brighten up many rooms and spaces, with its unusual-for-a-carpet theme, but definitely working its magic – inspiring feminine vibe and beautiful colors!


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