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Calm Elegance

Collection based on soft florals like magnolia and jasmine, refined geometrics, muted colors, and a bit of vintage feel, for the overall sophistication and elegance.

Bohemian Chic

Collection with florals – oleander and wildflowers, combined with a variety of abstract patterns – damask, lace, or block print … designs with a relaxed artistic feel and cozy color palette for a stylish boho look.


Collection in the 70s style, with retro florals, granny square, and ogee patterns, earthy colors, and the typical ochre.

Lemon Deco

Mediterranean style collection with lemons, butterflies, fresh summer colors, and textures inspired by the ornamental ceramic tiles azulejos.

Meadow Walk

Collection with the spring and summer feeling in the garden, with different herbs like salvia, red clover, cosmos and coreopsis flowers, grass, and butterflies.

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